m a r i a  e m r i k  m u s i c

My life is all about creativity!

About how I can use my time on this earth in the most fun, expressive way. For myself, but also for the benefit of others.

I seek and see adventure, fairytales and beauty in the biggest and tiniest places. I look, explore and question things.

What I do not know I look up (thank you Google:). I ask, I appreciate and say thank you.

Many people do not have this - some might say childlike - way of loving life, but it is my belief that anyone can learn.

One of my biggest talents and purposes is MUSIC. I have sung most of my life and it is a constant joy to me.

Though I have recorded many songs in my lifetime not all of them are available on the internet. Simply because most of them are recorded on good old tapes and need to be digitalized first.

The albums listed below are the ones you will find on your favorite music platform:

Black Coffee Album Cover.jpg
Maria Emrik Don't Explain.jpg
Gloomy Sunday Album Cover.jpeg
Road To Heaven Album Cover.jpeg
Dear Moon.JPG
The Night We Called It A Day.jpeg
Merry Christmast.jpeg
Blue Heaven.jpeg
Maria Emrik Homeless Heart.jpeg
Close Your Eyes.jpeg

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